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Beef Cattle
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Monrovia Farm purchases Black Angus and Angus Cross feeder calves weighing 500 to 750 pounds from local farms at the Fredericksburg Livestock Exchange. The young animals (8 to 10 months old) are grazed on clover and mixed grass pastures through the spring and summer months, receiving a small daily allowance of ground feed to supplement their diet. After the heat of the summer has passed, the cattle are moved into the 40 x 200 foot barn with continual, free access to the adjoining 60 x 100 foot loafing barn with fresh water and baled hay available at all times.

The beef cattle are fed Non-GMO corn and alfalfa hay sileage, high moisture corn, and a custom homegrown ground feed mixture. These local and nutritional components create a balanced daily ration which finishes the cattle at 1,200 to 1,500 pounds, creating a marbled beef with tender, enriched flavors for a delicious, high quality product.

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